Eat – The Quest for the World’s Best Beef Dip (complete?)

Beef Dip

I love food. I used to be the pickiest eater in the world when I was little, and maybe still am a bit, so it’s a little ridiculous that now I’ll be writing about food and my adventures, but maybe that’s the point since I have so much to experience!

If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of beef dip. It was even my nickname in high school, though I hadn’t even been initiated into the world of sliced beef on a bun. So it is more often than not what I eat if it is on the menu when we go out. I’ve had many a dip from many an establishment. I may have now found the best though. Well the best so far…

Pictured above is the large beef dip from Cowtown Beef Shack in Calgary, AB.

According to the man who served us their buns are made fresh daily, and I will say they were quite good. I ended up only having a small, which is the size of a hamburger bun, since after high school excessive stuffing of the face leads to bad results for me. I’m always wary about beef dip even though I love it, because a bad one just makes me shiver. Nothing worse than gristle and stringy fat to contend with. Usually that kind of meat just destroys my appetite. This though, this master piece. It was so smooth, easy to eat, like if it could fall off a bone it would. Their website describes it as: fresh roasted beef, fresh onions, Provolone cheese and Cowtown’s deep and rich Au Jus for dipping. You can also add sauce to, like chipotle or horse radish. I elected for horse radish because when my mouth encounters anything relatively hot, like I mean I had to get used to pepperoni pizza, it burns with the power of a thousand suns. I also loved how large the dipping cup was, nothing worse than trying to fit your beef in a small opening and only getting a bit of the tip wet. Maximum dip coverage really help me enjoy it.

Many of these new places I’m trying out are with my friend Sara, who like myself is very meat inclined. Meat pizza with no veggies, yes please! We came to Cowtown Beef Shack on Halloween night because of a recommendation by her brother, who sent the above picture. We were both impressed and not disappointed in the slightest. So much so we both regretted not getting a large, my previous restriction thrown out the window, and we then went back to the counter and ordered another small BBQ Beef sandwich to split. Website description: Traditional Southern Smoked Brisket, fresh onions and Cowtown’s rich and flavorful BBQ sauce. So worth it. This one, I could see the fat on it, so I was not super excited, but man it went down just as easy. I know some people love fat with their meat. I’d rather avoid or cut it off. It’s a texture thing for me. But this, every bite was smooth and tasty. They even gave us a small sample of the chipotle sauce to try out and it was quite good. I’d have to say though while I very much rejoiced in both sandwiches my winner is still the beef dip.

I was on a pulled pork escapade a few months ago and Cowtown does have one. I over did it on the consuming of beef dip so I’m currently not looking to eat more, but the next time I do I might be sorely tempted to get their’s since the other sandwiches were so good. Maybe I’ll be back on the pulled pork train sooner than I thought.

Quick run down of the actual establishment. It’s in a strip mall in Mackenzie Towne. It’s fairly small with about 3-4 tables inside. Food comes super fast. It’s more of a quick bite kind of place, though I’m sure if you are like us and keep going up for more they won’t care how long you are there. The service was very good. They were quite friendly and took time to explain about their food and ask us our opinions.

I would not hesitate to recommend trying this place out and I’ll be returning for sure. It’s even on my meal calendar, yes I plan out my dinners, to go back with my boyfriend in about a week.


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