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My new-ish addiction.

I first downloaded a title from Audible in January 2015. It was a promotion for a free book and one of my coworkers that I connected with over media recommended it.

After I finished my first book, Gone Girl, I didn’t start up a subscription until 3 months later in April. Ever since though I have been going strong with 17.5 books under my belt.

Now don’t get me wrong I love physical books. I got this sweet 10614342_10152877842260310_4677025516946418537_n custom made bookshelf from my parents after I lost my original one in a flood along with all my books and I’m working on filling it up. I love how they feel and reading the words is much different then just listening. But there is something to be said for audio books. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit and read. You can’t really do anything else when you read a physical book. The world of audio books has expanded my library greatly. I love them because they allow me to drive, cook, clean, work and do so many things while imagining the stories in my head. And the good ones eventually get a spot on the shelf.

The other thing about audio books that I appreciate is a good performance. Heck I love reading books to people. Ask me to do read to you please, I’ll even do voices if you want. I adore sharing my favourite stories with others! A good performance brings a whole ‘nother level. Gone Girl was particularly well done with two voice actors for the female and male roles. It really set the tone for the book and made me fall into the world. My other favourite was The Martian by Any Weir. R. C. Bray did a fantastic job. I think he really nailed the tone and personality of Mark Watney and I fell in love with his performance. There are dangers too, because a bad performance can destroy a book as well. I can’t blame me not liking an audio book based solely on performance though. I feel I would have to either listen to another version or read it myself before I can tell you if it was just the performance or not.

Audio books have helped me be much more adventurous in the field of literature. I used to just stick to things I knew, not wanting to spend to much money or dedicate too much time. I’m afraid of book commitment! However I have had a good experience with Audible. There are many people reviewing the books so that helps me out. And they will let you return one you don’t like. I couldn’t make it through Good Omens by Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett. I had never heard of them before, but they seem to be fairly popular. It might have been the structure of the book as well as what I thought was an odd performance that just threw me right off. I found my mind wandering while listening and then I’d just be completely lost. I won’t say it was a bad book and this is in no way a call to shun it. It just wasn’t for me, just like how you may like horror films and I might not even want to read their descriptions. Thankfully when I decided I couldn’t continue I was able to get a full refund no questions asked. The other thing I find with listening to books, that I don’t really like, is sometimes I just need to see the words. Especially if it’s written a bit different. Like old-timey speak or slang. That’s when I wish I had it on my Kobo to use the dictionary or just to see the words and have more time to adsorb their meaning.

The last thing I like about Audible is that I was able to find a book on there I wasn’t able to find on my Kobo or in a store. I had heard about it, or more accurately about the person, many years ago on a podcast I listen to. It was called No Surrender: My Thirty Year War – Hiroo Onoda. It’s a story about a Japanese officer in WWII on the Philippine island of Lubang. How he was in the jungle and fought and hid for years believing the war was still on going and attempts to reach him where the enemy trying to trick him. I had heard about this story and I love a good first person account. I had tried to find it for quite a while and was super excited to see it on Audible.

I’m not going to go in depth in this post about any of these books. I will be going through books I’ve read/listened to in their own posts. I’m currently listening to Bram Stoker’s Dracula so look for that in the future.


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