Play – Return to Karazhan – WoW

Karazhan in World of Warcraft

I have spent an ungodly amount of time in this game. It has long life thanks to the developer always updating and adding new content.

The newest expansion for World of Warcraft is Legion and with it is a new 5 man super dungeon, Return to Karazhan. Karazhan was a original raid back in the day and now it has returned as a long 5 man dungeon with some sweet new characteristics.

We had to plan this one out. Most 5 man dungeons you can complete with a competent group in maybe around and hour or less depending on the dungeon and the group. Dungeons are instances inside the game in which you enter, work through a structured path to defeat bosses, weaker foes (referred to as trash) and get sweet sweet loot. Most dungeons maybe have around 3-5 boss encounters, RtK has 8. It is also fairly new so a lot of people are still figuring it out. I mean figuring it out as in each boss encounter has certain mechanics in which you have to learn how to respond to. We took maybe around 3 hours both times we have done it, so you better have the time to commit before joining a group.

It was great though. I’ve had a ton of fun figuring out the new instances of Legion. I also love how WoW puts little call outs and easter eggs in their game. For instance RtK was very Alice in Wonderlandesque. There was upside down land, the rabbit hole, and you become tiny at one point and have to fight NPCs that you’d usually ignore completely. Whoohoo rat stampede!



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