Eat – Stuffed Pork Chops

Now that I have the time and willingness to cook I’m trying to go a lot more things. I want to get much better at cooking and learn more recipes so I’m not eating pasta 4/7 dinners. I mean don’t get me wrong I love pasta, but I do get sick of it eventually.

The other night I tried a new recipe from All Recipes. I’m trying this site out to get recipes. One thing I’ve learn so far, especially from this pork  chop recipe is that you don’t have to follow it exactly. Seasoning and the like can vary depending on your preference.

I enjoyed this recipe, but there are some key changes I will make. The amount of parsley is just ridiculous for what I had. I suggest really looking at your chops and judging from there how much of the bacon, parsley and gouda you will need. I’m a sucker for cheese so more of that will be needed for next go around. I enjoyed the Gouda, but I didn’t have enough. I also cooked the chops just in the pan and my technique took a little too long so they were fairly dry on the outside. I am also going to make sure the cheese, bacon mixer is put a little on the top just before I serve so it can melt on there. Just a nice little thing to top it off. You can never have too much cheese. I also had maybe a bit too much bacon, gasp, I know, but really, less bacon more cheese. The flavour was good all around though just needs some balancing work. I may also experiment with the cheese choice. I’ve never really shopped for fancy cheese and I’m not a big fan of spending so much on so little, but I guess that’s what happens. I always want to try the recipe the way it was written though.

Key learnings: More cheese and season to your liking not the recipes.




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