Eat -Pork Spare Ribs

Pork Spare Ribs Raw

I’m always super satisfied when a recipe turns out.

I made these once before and I furtively searched for the recipe again online since I wanted to do it again. I really really need to get my recipe box going.

These ribs are from my parents, not literally, like I got them out of the freezer. They’re pork ribs not people ribs! My father occasionally helps out farmers around our home town. In exchange he got a pig! Got to love fresh straight from the farm meat!
I thaw them out by putting them in the fridge a day before I want to cook them. Then I unwrap them and put them between the bone, as pictured above. Now the key to a good rib is a good sauce. I make mine by following the recipe as I linked up above. It’s dry mustard, onion, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, ketchup, vinegar and water. I add just a little salt. I don’t think you really need it with the rest of the stuff adding plenty of flavour.


After that I put some olive oil in a pan and sear both sides of the ribs then place them in a casserole dish. I have one casserole dish I use for ribs because it gets super messy. They look super good already!



Now This recipe is gonna take some time so I hope you have your afternoon free. I’m sure you could find another recipe that works well, but I ain’t messing with something I know works. So now you got the ribs layered in the dish you poor about half the sauce over them, making sure you get really nice coverage over all of them. Pop those suckers in the oven that you obviously pre-heated to 350 while making the sauce and didn’t forget to do. These babys sit in there for 3 hours! Every half hour or so I take them out, turn them, add more sauce until I run out. Then I just use the sauce that is already in the pan.
While you wait for the ribs you can make your sides. I like something like coleslaw to go with them, but this time we had mash potatoes and carrots. Potatoes were just from our local grocery store but the carrots were from my parents garden! So for those people who love natural, organic or whatever there you go, natural, organic non pesticide carrots! I don’t do anything crazy to my potatoes. I slice them so they cook faster then add, salt, butter, mrs. dash, pepper, milk and then mash them all up. I’m learning about cooking still so next on my list is to do something other than mashed potatoes. Maybe wedges, home made fries or I want to introduce spaghetti squash.

You haven’t forgotten about the ribs right? I set the timer on the stove to 3 hours then a timer on my phone for every thirty minutes to baste and what not. At about 1 hours left I get the sides ready. once they are ready take them out of the oven, I mean you can’t eat them while they are in there, well you could, but it probably wouldn’t be pleasant. Now look, smell and enjoy them. Mine always turn out moist and they do fall off the bone! Soooo good! Yum!




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