Eat – My Perfect Nachos

home made nachos

Maybe perfect is a bit preemptive. I mean they are perfect, but I’m still slightly adjusting them from time to time. Nachos are perfect for experimenting after all.

We love nachos in my house. We probably eat them once a month. Now you may think that’s not super often for someone who claims to love them so much. The only reason is because we don’t want to get over nacho’d and because they are a good amount of work.

Oh restaurant nachos, how disappointing you always are. What is the most upsetting it even bad nachos look good or sound good on a menu. I’ve had good nachos at restaurants, but that is the thing they were only ever good. Probably the only ones I really enjoyed and would order again were from the Wild Rose Brewery and mostly because the pulled bison brisket on them was fantastic. Most restaurant nachos just turn into a plate full of chips that never have enough cheese and sometimes not enough toppings. Also you almost want to customize your nachos, like you do pizza, and that means more than just picking the meat. This, this is why I recommend making your own nachos.

My nachos consist of these ingredients:

  • Restaurant Style Tostitos Tortilla Chips
  • Cheese
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Meat
  • Sour cream for dipping
  • Olives
  • Banana peppers (Not on my side of the plate, cause I can’t do hot)

How we do it is fairly simple. Cook the meat, we prefer moose meat from my father’s hunting exploits if we can get it, but if not elk, deer, beef, or chicken does just fine. Just tossing the ground meat in a pan. If it is moose we don’t even season it since we like the taste just as is. Also all the other ingredients lend plenty of flavour to the dish.

While we cook the meat we prepare all the toppings. Grate the cheese, extract olives and banana peppers from jars, cut onions, lettuce and tomato. I usually use a large pizza pan. First I put down one layer of chips very purposely, like I don’t just poor them on. I make sure I get them by themselves for when I put on the cheese not a chip is not going to receive the melty goodness. I then split the grated cheese, we disgustingly use a whole block for out nachos, into quarters. First quarter goes on the first layer of chips making sure each chip has some cheese on it. Next I take half the cooked meat and distribute evenly. Cover with another quarter of the cheese. This ensures that the meat is stuck to the chip with cheese below and on top. Repeat with a new layer of chips.

Toss those suckers in a oven preheated to 350. Takes maybe 6-7 minutes depending on your oven. Just keep a watch on them. You just want the cheese to be melted not burned or hardened.

I then remove them from the oven and quickly sprinkle on my other ingredients, trying to get even coverage. Now the key to the toppings is to have more toppings on hand. Once you eat the top layer the one underneath wont have as much toppings as you want. At home it’s great because you can keep extra toppings around. I just put them in bowls or containers and add more as we make our way through the whole pan.

I’m still looking to switch up or add toppings as I get ideas. The onions weren’t always on there and they are a great addition. I prefer red onions on mine. So yeah, experiment with different flavor combinations since after all what makes them perfect is your own customization.

One other thing you could try and I’m definitely going to do in the future is a “Make your own Nachos Party”. Just get a whole bunch of small aluminium trays, a ton of different nacho ingredients and then let your guests make their own little tray of nachos. It’s a great way to experiment and maybe find new combinations you love or just go crazy and put everything on it!



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