Eat – Open Sesame

We recently visited Open Sesame in Calgary. This was our second time going there. It’s a fifty little place in the same building as four other restaurants. It has Pan-Asian fare as well as custom stir-fry.

It was a birthday celebration this time around so there was 10 of us there. Most of which decided to try the make your own stir fry option. It’s actually quite daunting when you go to it. I just keep thinking does the wok cook look at my cobbled together bowl and go “what the?”. The first time I went to open sesame it was good, I did the stir-fry that time too, but I over did it on the sauce so it all tasted like Korean BBQ. So this time I tried a different approach.

When you get in you all get a menu. You can order dishes off the menu or you can order the made your own stir fry. When you decided on the stir fry you tell the waitress/waiter what meat you want and then the carb you want. This time I went with chicken and shanghai noodles. They then come back with a slip of paper with marked with your choices and a bowl. Then the fun begins. You then take your bowl over to a circular salad bar type thing. This has got all your ingredients. Start with your sauce and seasonings. I did teriyaki garlic this time, and I went very light on my sauce. They allow you to go get more sauce after they cook it all up, so it’s better to go light then too much at first. Then you got tons of ingredients. I added to my bowl, carrots slices, broccoli, peas, corn, bok choy, mini corn, chick peas, red onion, green onion, and garlic. There are tons of other options for sauce and toppings. You can fill your bowl right up.

You then take you bowl over to the kitchen and give it to the guy there with your slip of paper. You also have the option of adding a stick to your bowl. Different colour sticks signal different add-ons. The first time I was there I added the naan bread and it was quite good.

Then you all go back to your table as the wok masters prepare your concoction. This time was so much better than last time. You can’t go wrong with garlic. I did go back up and get more sauce, but I enjoyed it way more the second time around. The cook on all the ingredients is really nice and they give you plenty of food.

We got the Pu Pu platter the first time we went and I would recommend that as well. the bread they have on it was super delicious. I would describe it in more detail but I forget some and the rest I don’t even know what it was!

The other good thing about Open Sesame is that they have a pretty decent prices for drink, which if you’re there for a birthday is a really good thing. The waitresses we had both times were very helpful and nice. Also they are totally OK with you bringing your own ice cream cake in. They’ll store it in the freezer until your done eating.

Sorry I don’t have a picture for this blog post. Got far too distracted with the company to remember to take a picture.



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