Eat – Cowtown Beef Shack – Pulled Pork

Cowtown Beef Shack - Pulled Pork

And I had to go back. Well more accurately my boyfriend had to go back. I took him there and he loved the beef dip so much. The only thing he didn’t like was that the restaurant wasn’t closer to our place! We waltz and who is there, none other than my friend’s brother who recommended the place.

You can go to my other post to see my first experience with this wonderful place. Cowtown Beef Shack is just fantastic BBQ. I had previously had both the beef dip and the BBQ beef sandwiches so this time I wanted to sample their pulled pork. I almost forgot to take a picture I got right into it. Their website description is as follows, “Smoked for 12 hours, hand-pulled and tossed in Cowtown’s rich and flavorful BBQ sauce. Topped with Cowtown’s signature cranberry slaw.” It was fantastic. I would personally have a tiny bit less slaw on it, just to make it more manageable, but it was good slaw. Definitely a fan of the cranberry and the sweetness it brought to the sandwich. The other thing I love about this place is their bread, which is apparently made fresh daily. It doesn’t go all soggy, it isn’t hard and it doesn’t ruin the roof of your mouth when you bite it and it doesn’t collapse while you eat either like some buns do. The best is the meat they have there though. Each sandwich I have had just has wonderful meat. Never stringy or greasy. It’s very hearty food and I don’t feel bad eating it.

You do have the option to have the cilantro sauce, which I opted out of since I can’t handle spice and the man was good enough to ask if I wanted cilantro or not. I think it may come on it by default, but it was great he realizes how polarizing that topping is for people.

Over all the pulled pork was really good. Loved the whole thing. When I’m in the mood for pulled pork I’d order it again. However I have to say the beef dip is still king of this place.

They have a smoked brisket sandwich and a beef and cheddar sandwich as well. I think I just have to do them as well. Next time!


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