Play – Streaming vs Lets Plays

Because of my fear of committing to games by buying only based off of reviews or a cinematic I have really latched on to watching people experience the game. There is also this thing were I’m paralyzed by fear by horror games, but get a weird enjoyment out of watching people play them. Now for the most part there are two ways you can go about this.

Streaming (Primarily Twitch)

Ah streaming. It is not my favourite, but it does have it’s uses. The juggernaut of the industry is Twitch and YouTube has been working it’s way in as well.

Pros: You get to see everything. It can be fun to participate with everyone as the events unfold. You could potentially interact with your favourite streamer and maybe even participate in the game they are playing. I participated in a WoW group doing runs to get everyone a rare, limited time mount. Streaming was great for this. They used a lottery system to run people through. It’s pretty easy to see what games you can watch and what is popular.

Cons: You get to see everything. There can be super boring parts. Like when you watch a game competition and you have to wait 10 minutes for the next match and listen to some talking heads. There may be very boring game play elements. You wait for the streamer to come back from the bathroom. There is a chat window filled with people just spamming the crap out of it with nonsense and useless emojis. Wade through talking boobs to find a streamer that is actually fun to watch. My #1 pet peeve with streaming is the obnoxious subscription/donation sounds on the screen. I came to watch you play the game, not have this large thing cover most of your screen and have random noises go off every few seconds.

Video Hosting Sites 

I favour this way of watching games. I subscribe to a couple people on YouTube for game play videos.

Pros: They are available whenever you get around to them. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to catch a stream. The comments, while they are still YouTube comments, are more thought out and readable. You can binge watched if you want. Also most people don’t just upload whole game sessions. They cut them, make them interesting, edit them to a point where they can give the viewer maximum enjoyment. You can find a play through of games that are quite a bit older that your radar missed at the time. You can use the views/rating system to find quality videos.

Cons: YouTube comments are a cesspool. Though that’s on any video and not exclusive to Let’s Plays. Sometime the amount of them are a little over whelming and you may have to dig through to find ones that you like.


I don’t have too much bad to say about hosting game plays. It allows the watcher to customize their experience much more than streaming. I guess what it comes down to is if you want that immediate social interaction that streaming offers or if you’re not into that.


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