Read – Dracula by Bram Stoker

Dracula by Bram Stoker on Audible

In the spirit of Halloween I chose to listen on Audible to Dracula by Bram Stoker. I was initially hesitant since I knew it was written back in the late 1800s. Sometimes I have a hard time following old-timey speak out loud and prefer to read it, but this was just fine.

The book’s format it a little different than most. There are a ton of voice actors for this audio book as each part is done by the point of view of people’s diaries, letters, telegrams and other written sources. I actually enjoyed for the most part how different the use of language is. It really set the scene up for me. It’s really interesting to listen to how people spoke back then. Everything seems a thousand times more proper. It’s also dated in how people act. I mean keep in mind when it was written. So if you’re really against women being in “forced rolls” then maybe this book isn’t for you. It talks about the “woman brain”, which I myself found pretty entertaining. Tim Curry does part of the narration apparently. I guess I didn’t notice him since he is doing an accent and I still have the Muppet Treasure Island Tim Curry voice in my head. Don’t be overly excited as he does Van Helsing and while that is a main character, most of the time you don’t hear his voice.

I probably enjoyed Dr. John Seward diary entries the most. Maybe his voice actor made a difference for me. I just found his the easiest to imagine and I connected more with his character. Lucy was probably my least favourite character, though that might have been because I was not a fan of how they did her voice. Too wishy-washy for me.

The whole thing starts out as our famous Jonathon Harker goes to meet the Count who is a client for his work. They are setting up arrangements for the Count to move to London. Needless to say Mr. Harker has a bit of a rough go at it and is eventually left at the mercy of Dracula’s brides and just barely escapes.

Fast forward to Dracula decimated a ship’s crew and terrorizing London. His actions and the threat he poses does not go unnoticed however. Lead by Dr. Van Helsing of Holland the crew works together to protect Mina Harker and destroy the evil which is Dracula.

Overall I quite enjoyed this book, even if Van Helsing got a bit wordy at times. The ending was a little anticlimactic for me, but maybe it was the audio book. If you’re a fan of horror and want to read a great classic, try this one out!

I recently listened to a fantastic podcast about vampire lore. I learned that Bram got the  inspiration for the name from Vlad III aka Vlad the Impaler aka Vlad Dracula. Thought that was a pretty nifty bit of info. Vlad’s father, Vlad II took the name Dracul which means “the dragon” or “the devil”. Dracula is then “son of the dragon”. To learn more about the vampire legend over many areas take a listen at this podcast by Aaron Mahnke. He covers a ton of other superstitious things so try the other episodes out too!


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