Eat – Miniature Bacon Cheese Quiche

Miniature Bacon Cheese Quiche
The ingredients

Monday night after a heated debate that ended in a coin flip, I tried to make quiche for the first time instead of getting Chinese. I know, quite the different options.

I got this recipe off the internet after searching for what I can make with what I have in my fridge. Sometimes I find myself going and buying food when I have tons of stuff in my fridge. I also really need to use up these eggs before they go bad.

I mixed the egg, milk,  salt, and cheddar together while I also cooked the bacon. Then while waiting for the bacon to cool I made up the dough. I’ve never really made dough by scratch and it turned out quite crumbly. I was super unsure of how thick to make the cups. I figured when I bit into my quiche that I didn’t want a mouthful of dough so I opted for a bit thinner of walls. Still only made 8 cups even though the recipe said I’d have enough to do 9 regular muffins size ones.

Egg Mixture









Of course I forgot to preheat the oven so I covered my dough so it wouldn’t dry out too much while I waited. Tossed the pan in for 5 minutes then took it out and waited for it to cool. I can follow instructions! Well except I wasn’t feeling the onion so I didn’t put any in.
quiche tray.jpg
The egg mixture really didn’t look like it was going to be enough to be honest while it was in the bowl, but it did fill the 8 cups fairly decently.

So I popped it in the oven for the 20 minutes at 350. I kept and eye on it since I didn’t know if my cups were too thick or thin and how it would impact the cooking of it. To be honest I had a few “I don’t know what I’m doing” moments on this one.

They came out fairly decent, very breakfast tasting of course. I think I’d like to try some other combinations or filler.


Also yes, I needed to go even thinner on the shell. It didn’t cook quite all the way through and you still got too much dough in a bite. I don’t think that my filler would be enough to fill the extra cups made by making the shells thinner. I thought they tasted pretty good, but my bf liked them quite a bit. His only criticism was the amount of dough, which I will make adjustments for. I may even try just buying dough, though this recipe was really easy.



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