Read – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I had no idea this existed until I saw a preview for the movie then I saw it on Audible and realized it was a book. I wasn’t really a fan of the original story, though my sister really enjoyed it and I did watch the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley. I came up as a two for 1 on Audible and I thought, why not? I apparently got a supplemented version that is modified from the original to include more zombies and gore, which is totally fine with me.

I starts with a foreword by the author about how this masterpiece came together. It’s very straight forward and modern so it was a little bit of a shock when the book starts and it’s like BAM, proper English lady voice talking about balls, the dancing kind. I actually giggled at first because of the contrast. I was similarly amused when they are dancing away at a ball and then have to break into a “pentagram of death” because the party was crashed by some zombies.

These zombies are often referred to as unmentionables in the book. This gave me my own personal laugh because that’s what I call my underwear in polite conversation. I amused myself by imagining undead panties breaking into a old-timey dance hall, which seems even more ridiculous than the concept of this book. Back to the zombies though – they are very traditional in this novel. Not exactly the George Romero, the guy who did Night of the Living Dead, kind but fairly close. They fit more of the, “Braaaaaaains” version. They are slow, decomposing, and definitely want to eat the brain and not just any body part. They also follow the rule of anyone who dies, asides from severe brain trauma, reanimates regardless of being bitten or not. They have the classic detail of actually popping out of their graves in this book, which causes the inhabitants to not dress their dead in any funeral finery and put a guy out of a job. However they seem to have some sentience. They will retreat when the odds are against them.

Having never read the original book I can’t exactly tell you how this one differs, though it seems to me it’s more the same book just with an added element.The narrator, Katherine Kellgren was wonderful for the audio version by the way. Great range of voices. I have to say at first I wasn’t super into the whole, oh who likes who and all the social politics, but the zombies helped keep me interested and then by the end I was more than invested in will they, won’t they get married. I liked it a surprising amount since I was first hesitant to read it since I was never a romance novel/chick flick kind of person.


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