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TV Show 3% Netflix

I was told to watch 3% in a conversation about Netflix with my cousin. It’s a TV show with just one season on Netflix so far. I’m glad he recommended it because I had seen it on the rotation a couple of times, but I’ll be honest I was  not inspired to click it by the artwork they chose to display it by. Wasn’t interested in the angry looking guy/gal glaring out at me. We watched the first episode and while I still wasn’t overly into main character, I did want to figure out where this was going.

The Scene

So this TV show from Brazil is set in what appears to the a slightly advanced technological future, but like most futuristic movies, there seems to be some weird thing that has happened that caused most of the population to have zero fashion sense and dress in rags. You have the Inland, where people live in poverty and all have dreams of one day trying to pass The Process to go the Offshore. The Inland is full of people who can’t sew, thieves, betrayal, thugs and just generally hard times. Nothing is really explained about why it is the way it is or why they can’t just go somewhere else on what appears to be a large land mass. All we know is there was a two people who took the initiative to leave and make a better life for themselves on what appears to be an island not to far off the main land mass. How they got there is never explained or why these people have so much technology and food and what not on an island. As you can see I have a couple gripes about this show. I really did enjoy it, I’m just an overly curious person and really want these questions answered. There was a system set up called The Process in which people from the Inland that are 20 years of age and have been registered can apply to. They then go through a series of tests to prove they have merit and be admitted to the Offshore. However not everyone believes in the system and The Cause is an organization wanting to bring it down.


Since it is a Brazilian film it is in Portuguese, which if you don’t mind reading subtitles I would recommend watching it in the original language. However there is a dubbed version. It took us a while to get used to since the lips don’t sync up and some of the choices for the voices were…let’s say questionable.


My cousins described it as a different Hunger Games, but I wouldn’t say that is completely accurate. They go through more mental tasks that may or may not drive them to behave bad in a physical way. People definitely get hurt and a few die and horrible ways for sure though. Through the show we watch the young adults work there way through the various tests, develop relationships, get back story and deal with The Cause. Michele the main character is in it to kill the man running the whole show, because she believes he killed her brother. Turns out that was a lie told to her to recruit her. She messes up in the end and accidentally kills another man and gets caught. However things work out and her and another Cause member make it through The Process and head off the the Offshore at the end of the season.

Safe Space

I really need a second season. There is far more to it then I have described above. I need to know what happens next and get far more of my questions answered.


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