Watch – Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry Movie Review

It’s late at night and you just want to watch some light hearted T.V., enter Hardcore Henry!

Oh man, I know this is rated fairly low on things like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s all shot in first person of Henry himself. It very much reminds me of the ending to the DOOM movie with Dwayne Johnson, except better.

It defiantly feels like I’m watching someone play a video game. Like first person POV, cheesy villain, you’re dropped into a story which you need to figure out, shoot endless amounts of bad dudes- that are of course Russian – have a wacky sidekick and be nearly invincible.

Full of blood, gore, violence and random humor it was actually really fun to watch. I could see it getting lower scores because of the story line, but I thought over all the actual effects and whatnot were really well done.

Give it a go when you just want some rather mindless entertainment.


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