Eat – Sea Fish N Chip Inc

Sea Fish N Chip Inc in Mackenzie Towne, Calgary

My friend Sara and I are apparently eating our way through Mackenzie Towne. We started at the fabulous Cowtown Beef Shack and while there we saw this fish and chips place. Our desire to come here comes from a feeling of satisfaction we have been chasing since High School. This one time on a band trip we went to Vancouver. While visiting the White Rock area we found this little shack that served fish and chips and hot damn, was it the best fish and chips ever. I have that warm fuzzy memory of sitting there on the dock munching away. Probably the highlight of the whole trip actually.

I don’t eat a lot of fish dishes and I have yet to find one that has given me such a pleasant memory. Unfortunately Sea Fish N Chip couldn’t stand up to my maybe embellished memory, but it was not what Google reviews might have you believe.

I was initially hesitant to go there since the reviews were 50/50 and when I arrived there was not a soul inside, despite the pizza place down the block being packed. We went anyways because you never know and if it’s bad, you have a story at least. We picked to start really oddly with onion rings and they came fast and were actually quite good. very crispy and decent taste. We both had the fish and chips of course, that’s why we were there, and both had the recommended Haddock. I only have 1 piece, but for me that was enough, they load the rest of the plate with fries and a very enjoyable coleslaw. I also got the traditional tartar sauce. I enjoyed the meal but was not blown away.

  • Fries – Nice, used ketchup since I wasn’t inspired to eat them plain
  • Fish – about the size of my hand, not super greasy, decent taste
  • Tartar sauce – Pretty good, nice to spruce up the fish
  • Coleslaw – probably my favorite thing

The building itself I did like. It has a fun marine/beach vibe, though I will say it was kind of dark in there. Maybe lighting one of the candles you have on every table might be nice. The only other thing that kind of sucked was that the parking is right outside the windows so anytime someone drives up it glares in at the seating area.

Service was good, though us and an old couple were the only people in there so who knows how it is when it gets busy (we came on a friday night). They were fast and really nice and the food came out at a good pace.

Overall it is a decent place, but I’m not going to be rushing back to it.


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