Eat – Forbidden City

Forbidden City Restaurant Interior

It was my brother-in-law’s Birthday this weekend and you know what that means? ASIAN FOOD! I love going out with him and my sister because since he is much more familiar with more traditional dishes we get to experience new foods with out the uncertainty. We usually arrive, look at the menu, look at him and go you know what’s best and we are good for anything.

The Forbidden City Restaurant is set up with many mostly round tables with a lazy susan in the middle. This is big time family dinning. Every table gets tea that they refill, dishes are placed on the turn table and then you grab as it passes until it is all gone.

Of course I did that thing were I forget to take pictures and well I don’t like to make people wait for me to take them. I did get these two. One was a fish dish, complete with the head- which no one ate. The body was good though. The only thing bad about it was my boyfriend did get bones in his pieces and I wasn’t too into the skin still being on it so I just ate around that. The flavour was wonderful though.

The second dish up there was our veggie dish. We are kind of a large meat eating family so pretty much every other dish was meat filled. The snow pea leafs were nice though. Good texture and taste.

  • Fish Maw and Crab Soup – The texture is a little weird on this one. I did enjoy the taste though and it felt really hardy. Comes with vinegar, which I did not add.
  • Peking Duck wraps – specifically asked for this. you get the skin with pieces of meat attached. You have these little thin wraps of I don’t know what then you add your veggies, duck and this dark sauce to it. Super good. Love the taste of the duck and the skin is the best part.
  • Ginger Beef – just because we really like it. This place does it really well.
  • Deep Fried Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce – Found out that it was on their menu. I liked the taste, not the bones and skin. Probably wouldn’t order twice.
  • Rice – we got steamed and fried rice, both good.
  • Beef – Not sure which one this was. Strips of beef with a green veggie. It was good, but I wasn’t too hot on the texture of the beef, little chewy.
  • Pork – Think it was just sweet and sour pork. It was pretty good, average.

As you can see we definitely got around the menu. There were 8 of us and this was a good amount of food.

It wasn’t too terribly busy and I found the service was better than it is during Din Sum in the mornings. They were really good about giving us super white people forks and all the food came out at good intervals. The servers were very nice and they even spoon out all the soup into bowls for you.

Over all I do enjoy coming to this place and it has some good food. Come hungry!


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