Watch – Black Mirror. IT COULD HAPPEN!

Black Mirror on Netflix

I heard about this series from the Roosterteeth podcast and they sold me on trying it by saying that it reminded them of the Twilight Zone. Now I was a little young for the Twilight Zone, but I do remember the theme song and a feeling of excitement and mystery when it came on.

Black Mirror is a British television series that does not have to be viewed in order as the episodes don’t really play off of each other. In fact I started with the last episode of season 3 and am working my way backwards. Honestly the last episode is a great way to start.

I love Black Mirror because it’s sci-fi, but it seems so real. Like this could actually happen in the next 5 years – which is crazy. I think that’s why it’s such a good series. Every episode touches on some social aspect that when paired with technology goes horribly awry.

My first episode focuses on the instant liking/rating of people and it was fantastic. The rating you give people actually affect their day-to-day life. Like if out of 5 you’re only a 3.2 you can’t get a loan for a fancy house or you can’t enter certain restaurants just because people don’t like you enough.

The other episodes touch on modern warfare and mental health; social media manhunts; alternate reality gaming; your online privacy and missing loved ones.

The last one I saw was about losing someone in your life. Holy cow the rest of the episodes so far were interesting and maybe scary, but this one was just so sad. A lady moves into her boyfriends childhood home with him. The next day he leaves to return their rented vehicle and he dies somewhere along the way. Enter technology and how messed up it could be. Someone introduces her to this service that helps you re-connect with your deceased loved ones. It scrubs the public channels to analyze how they talk and act and then you can have a chat session with them. The next step is letting it have access to more sources and if you have enough videos it will even imitate their voice. At first she is disgusted by this. I can only imagine the tug-of-war going on in a situation like this. You miss them so much and want to talk to them with all your heart, but this isn’t them and you know it. She gets used to it though and eventually her fake boyfriend suggests she goes to the next level. The final step is actually getting an android type thing that talks and looks just like the dead person. Holy cow, creepy. You can just see how conflicted she is and eventually she rejects the whole robot thing, but she keeps it in her attic – unable to fully let go. Oh and did I mention he got her pregnant right before?

I have yet to get to the earliest episodes, but these ones are fantastic so far. If I were you I’d actually start at the end since I’ve heard the first few are super weird. Give it a go!


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