Play – Back to Basics, the Vanilla WoW experience

World of Warcraft - Vanilla

I’ve always been aware of a fan base that really wants to play World of Warcraft (WoW) in its vanilla form. A term in this instance meaning the original, so WoW as it was originally released. I also head of the whole Nostalrius vs Blizzard fiasco. I’m totally with Blizzard on this one to be honest. They are in their right, it’s their property. It sucks for the people, but you can’t expect not to get burned when infringing on stuff like that.

I entered WoW just after The Lich King expansion and I’ve been playing off and on ever since – don’t even ask me to type /played. I’m playing the current version right now and I’ve really enjoyed it. However I’m the type of person that prefers to play with people so when all my people and by boyfriend stopped playing current WoW and moved over to the new Elysium vanilla WoW server I couldn’t resist; curiosity of how it used to be helped as well.

Man, it’s so different yet the same. It’s very different then the current version of WoW, but there are still things I remember from the Lich King days. Leveling is extremely slowed down, which is fine. You only have 60 levels to go through instead of 110. The difficulty level is much higher. My two person group might not be able to handle pulling more than 2 NPCs at a time! The controls are way less helpful; no shift hovering to compare items or shift clicking to put the name in the auction house search. There is the whole leveling up weapon skills, buying skills with gold and the whole ammunition being an inventory item. It’s taking some adjusting for sure. I’d like to see some updates to improve the user interface to be honest. Some people might say that defeats the purpose of playing vanilla WoW, but does it really? The game play is the same essentially, the mobs still hurt and you still have to read quests to figure out where the hell to go, but now at least I don’t have to get a thousand add-ons to make my life just slightly easier. For the love of all that is good, let the summoning stones work! The one thing I find extremely annoying and don’t miss in the slightest is spamming trade and general to get a tank for your dungeon.

Even as I say all this I am actually looking forward to going home this weekend and playing it. I’m really enjoying playing and being a team with my boyfriend. Exploring an old world and re-learning now to do things. I’m excited to get into doing dungeons and saving all my hard-earned coppers to get a mount. You know you’re on hard times when you are super excited to get 30 copper from pick-pocketing! We are playing rogues by the insistence of the boyfriend. Now for once I’ll be the annoying ganker, well when I’m not level 12 and can actually hit something.

The other thing I’m looking forward to experiencing more of is the community aspect. Current WoW has combined servers and cross realm questing, dungeon parties and all the rest. While this is extremely helpful for playing with friends and finding groups fast it also takes away from the small tight-knit groups that could form. Now we are stuck with our server, our friend that are there, the available guilds. It will be interesting to see how different of an experience this makes.


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