Watch – Westworld

Westworld by HBO

I know I’m a bit behind the rush on this one, but let’s just blame my lack of cable TV and Bell Media not giving Canada HBO Now. I’m not bitter, just disappointed. *wink

We finally watched all of it and I’m so into it. I have more or less recently found out my love for Michael Crichton so I really wanted to check this out – the internet blowing up over it didn’t hurt either. WARNING: Super spoilers ahead.

My feelings watching this series went from interested, intrigued, impatient,  to excited. In the beginning couple episodes I enjoyed exploring this new world and asking questions to my exasperated boyfriend and him replying with, “Let’s find out together.” Sorry man, I just am pondering! A couple episodes in I was a little impatient, I knew something was coming – I didn’t know what, but I wanted it to happen already and I thought things were moving slightly slow. Man was it worth it! Thanks to the internet being spoiler country I wasn’t completely surprised by Anthony Hopkins being a little less than nice, but everything that went along with this reveal caught be completely off guard. I literally did that incredulous, “WHAT?” How can Bernard is a robot not catch you off guard, they are so life like you can’t tell really – well I couldn’t.

Talking about Bernard – I really liked Jeffrey Wright’s performance. I felt that he just fit so well as that role and really sold me on it. Of course Anthony Hopkins was great. I immensely enjoy watching how subtle he can be with his facial expressions. I feel like I haven’t seen him in a long time and it was a great experience. I immediately gravitated to Thandie Newton because I remember her from my guilty pleasure, Chronicles of Riddick. She plays Maeve Millay, who is the brothel madam. I’m not going to lie I got rather worked up watching her story line. It was stressful and I just kept telling the two technicians to just not help her!

I found the whole series to make me more and more tense and stressed out. They lay down these rules that the robots are under control, they can’t hurt you and you feel comfortable in knowing what can happen. Then as the sh** starts to hit the fan, I’m constantly on edge wondering when someone is going to be attack and if they even can be attacked – no one is safe!

If you haven’t watched it, give it a go. It’s only 10 episodes as is the usual nowadays.




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