Watch – Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan

Let’s all hop on the wayback machine!

Now you may wonder how I have never seen this movie, but let’s take into consideration I was 7 when it came out and you now understand. There is no way this movie would be appropriate for any child. After watching this film I really want to go back and watch more serious movies that I missed growing up.  I’ve of course always heard about this movie and my family has always had a fondness for historic war based movies. I was in the mood for a serious movie and it’s currently on Netflix so everything came together.

This movie does not screw around. You are immediately thrown onto Omaha beach and the insane and gruesome reality of war – or what we can come close to portraying in film. This movie holds nothing back, its very gory and I don’t think it’s excessive – more like appropriate. A movie can only hope to give you a slight taste of what reality was like.

As I watched this movie I thought of my Grandpa. He recently passed and never talked about his time in the military serving in the far east. I’m always amazed by those old dudes in documentaries talking about their time in the service. I guess people deal with it in different ways. As I watched I thought about how crazy it would have been to be a part of all that. I totally understand never wanting to talk about it.

I thought that this movie also did a great job showing the human factor. People think of the German’s as the enemy – they are the bad guys. This movie shows that people are just people. Neither side wants to die -most people are just as scared and scarred regardless of their allegiance.

I was really miffed at the end of the film when the translator guy, Upham, who is supposed to be running around refilling people ammo during the last fight of the movie freaks the hell out and gets his people killed. The suspense of watching his platoon mate fight the German upstairs hand to hand while he just agonizingly slowly walks up the stairs was unbearable. I don’t usually have outbursts while watching movies, but I kept throwing my hands up and almost yelling at him to hurry the hell up and do something! I can’t really judge the man – I’ve ever been in his position, but holy crap did that scene just rile me up.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but watch this if you haven’t. Watch it again if you have. Great movie.

Side note: I kept going, “hey, it’s that guy!”. Like who really thinks they’ll see Vin Diesel in something where he isn’t just wearing a wife beater.


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