Eat – Pi(e) Day

Mini Pies for Pi Day

I actually hated pie growing up, but as a picky eater I hated a lot of things. Pi(e) Day is now probably one of my favourite days of the year – who doesn’t like to have an excuse to eat sweets?

If you are unfamiliar with Pi Day it comes from celebrating the irrational number Pi which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It starts with 3.14 so March 14th it is! Another cool fact is it was started in San Francisco’s Exploratorium by Physicist Larry Shawin 1988 and is on Albert Einstein‘s birthday.

I’m on the social committee at work and I strive to bring all food and math related days to light. So the picture above is of our spread. Mini pies of over 8 flavours and ice cream! We also had a pie bake off and the raspberry sour cream pie won. We got them from a local place in town called Evelyns Memory Lane Cafe. It’s an old fashioned diner with milkshakes, stools at the counter, ice cream and pick your tune juke box at your booth. They made all these mini pies for us and their home made ice cream.

At the beginning of the day I knew 38 digits and now I got 56, well assuming I’ll remember the new ones tomorrow. I have no particular reason for this memorization other then just trying to do it. 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399357105820

So celebrate Pi Day with a pie and indulge!


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