Read – Timeline by Michael Crichton

Timeline by Michael Crichton

I’m really liking Michael Crichton and this book was awesome. I actually liked this one more than Jurassic Park and Congo. Once again I got this one on the Audible app. I might consider buying this one for my bookshelf eventually though. I’ve always been a bit of a fan of the fantasy genre, knights, armor, and castles. Who doesn’t want to be able to travel back in time and check out how people lived. I mean maybe provided you are safe while there.

Timeline is about a group of research students who are working on a french 14th century ruin when their professor goes on a trip to their financier ITC and he doesn’t return. Enter epic story about how they travel, well not back in time, but through the multiverse to the Dordogne region in France and rescue their professor at the same site they were working on in their present.

This book doesn’t waste a lot of time in the present day. It nicely sets up who the students are, what they are doing, who ITC is and it’s major players then dives straight into the fun.

The students have to use their knowledge, skill and a good bit of luck to navigate a world working on a different set of rules, not to mention a war is going on. Travelling through universes as you can imagine has it’s complications and risks and the home base has it’s own trouble when the return pads get accidentally destroyed. The whole thing is full of suspense and tension.

Loved the story and the narrator on Audible did a great job as well. If you like Michael Crichton read this one!


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