Read – Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

I recently completed Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This is the original for those who doesn’t know where all those movies came from. It was written in 1818 and is a horror fiction, Gothic novel type deal. It really interesting reading/listening to the originals of well known properties. Like this one is completely different then what I’d say everyone thinks of when you say “Frankenstein”.

For me I was the images of a cackling mad scientist hanging out in his crazy laboratory situated on this massive mansion out in the middle of no where Europe. Of course there is also his side kick, probably named Igor, who has a massive hunch back.  This is not the case at all for the book. Frankenstein refers to the creator of the monster, not the monster itself. He creates the monster in an apartment, not a castle – though there is a real life Castle Frankenstein – and he doesn’t have any minion or help from Zeus.

Victor Frankenstein is actually just a dude that another dude picks off the ice at the beginning of the story. Victor then tells his new best friend the story of how he got there. Basically he delved a little too deep into the science of life after watching his mother die and maybe with a little bit of crazy ambition created a being. He had to make it so large since working with such delicate parts was made much easier by super sizing them. After he is successful he freaks the hell out because this thing is well…a monster. Huge and hideous Victor runs away in to his room, doing the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” thing. The monster wakes him up eventually so he skedaddles away. Fast forward and the monster learns stuff, realizes no one will accept him because of how shocking his appearance is, gets super angry  and basically him and Victor duke it out until Victor ends up on this boat in the frozen north. Now I’m skipping over a lot of details, but just go read it! In the end Victor dies trying to avenge his family, which were mostly killed by the monster. He doesn’t die in an epic battle with the monster. The short of it is the monsters kills off his family members and Victor kills himself by way of exhaustion trying to catch the monster as it just simply runs away.

While I always find reading the classics interesting this one was another  I am Legend, and was actually kind of meh. Like I was expecting more.


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