Eat – Healthier-ish

We’ve been thinking about going on a trip to maybe Japan or somewhere. Thing is we live a pretty sedentary life style. Both of us work on computers all day and then our main hobby is gaming. These trips we want to go do however also come with the expectation of us being able to be fairly physically active. Now you would look at us and not necessarily think we are out of shape, but our cardio is on the low to non-existent side of things. We had a month there where we were not making much of our own food. That combined with trip expectations and our shinny new BBQ, we decided May would be the make healthy-ish meals, no eating out (if we get invited out then we wont be lame, but we wont go out ourselves), BBQ as much as possible (it’s getting hot out and our condo is steaming), and try to get active month.

2 out of 3 are going well. I bet you’ll never guess which one we have fallen behind on.


Homemade slaw and dressing

So far eating has been pretty decent. I’ve tried making things I’ve never made before. I wouldn’t say everything we’ve made would be deemed “healthy” – how healthy is a hamburger? We are making an effort to make everything ourselves. For example the hamburgers are all wild meat and not loaded with salt or unnecessary fats and we switched out our Friday night grilled cheese to whole wheat bread. Tonight is chicken, (I’m lazy and I’m just gonna pick up a roasted one from the store – don’t look at me that way I got other things to do tonight) grilled corn on the cobb and green beans. Mostly just salt, pepper and unsalted real butter on things, but not too much. I might try Parmesan and chives on the corn tonight. Pintrest recipes got me going crazy.

Made them too small the first time.

We have been barbecuing almost every day. I try to make sure that the meat is at least done on the grill as well as hopefully one of the side dishes.

Physical activity is a little of a late start here. We had a plan to eventually be able to run around the block with out being horribly out of breath, but that has yet to start. I make an effort to take the stairs when I’m not laden down with groceries. So we have a ways to go on this, but I’ll let you in on a secret. It was his job to come up with the work out, so it’s technically all his fault!

We’ll see how it is by the end of this month. He’s already down 10lbs, while I’m holding steady, but I’m happy where I am since I already did my weight loss previous to this experiment.


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