Read – Cujo by Stephen King

I didn’t know anything about this book, I just saw it mentioned in a discussion about Stephen King. I listened to it on Audible and it was narrated by Lorna Raver.

Audible Review

I think I would like the narrator if she did a different kids voice; maybe I just don’t like kids voices. I mostly listen to books in my old truck driving to and from work and I have to have it up fairly loud to hear while on the highway. I found this Lorna sometimes I was jumping out of my seat by her sudden and shrill emphasizes. Other than that she did a good job on voices and such.

Book Review

As I said I didn’t really know anything about this book before hand so it was very exciting to just be guessing the whole time to what was coming. I think the setup was well done. Learning about all the moving pieces of the story and the people involved. I enjoyed how all the people have their history explained and everyone is from a different life. I liked that we got a dogs perspective too. I could have gone without Holley’s perspective at the end, since she just turns out to be a selfish turd – hating her sister for no good reason.

Cujo is a little antagonizing to read. So many circumstances that all come together to screw this lady over. I don’t usually feel bad for people who cheat on their spouses, but I’d say in the end she went through more than anyone should. She’s so close to being saved so many times. I didn’t think it would end how it did. SPOILER – the kid dies from starvation/exposure. Though I had a suspicion, I mean he went through so much, how could he even last if they did find him even earlier. After a point the elements can wear you down until there isn’t any coming back. Though on the other side Charity and Brett got a decent end of the deal. She felt trapped by her husband and Cujo took care of him. He wasn’t a very nice guy, but maybe still didn’t deserve to be ripped apart by a dog. Anyways at least her problems were more of less solved.

The silliest coincidence happened when I was reading this book. I spoiled a bit of it for myself because I was reading a second book. I decided I would reread the Dresden Files and what’s in the beginning of the very first book… a Cujo reference and a minor spoiler.

Final say

It’s a good book, definitely read it if you like Stephen King.



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