Life – Balcony Gardening

I’ve been living with my SO for about 7 months now. We’ve bought a BBQ together so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.  Domestic life has hit me hard and now I’m adding balcony gardening to my list of house duties. I like gardening and something about watching those little sprouts reach for the skies fills me with glee.

I’m starting small, since I don’t really have much room to begin with, especially with the BBQ having prime real estate on the balcony. They come inside when it seems like it will freeze at night or be excessively rainy. On the (eventual) menu we got some of the SO’s favourites and stuff we will really use.


Lettuce and green beans









I did a lot of initial guess work. I walked around Canadian Tire for a long while looking at types of dirt and seeds and wondering what I’m even doing. It didn’t help that I wanted to get a jump start and sprout them indoors and all the gardening centres were not really setup when I started looking. I did some research about container sizes, types and when to plant things, but in all honesty I’m still kind of winging it.

I planted the green beans as directed, but the lettuce seeds were so small I just sprinkled them in. So now I’m going to have to do some not so natural selection later on and rip some out to make room.

Potatoes are easy enough, though I’ve only ever planted them in a garden and not a container. I’m trying this thing where you plant them and then keep covering them with dirt so they fill the container as it goes. Potatoes are the best though. I love when people find out you just chuck a potato in a hole and it gives you more potatoes. We’ve also found this amazing potato wedge recipe which we use with tzatziki sauce so these will all be used.

Tomatoes, well I just decided to buy a plant. It’s easy enough and maybe I’ll buy it a bigger container at some point. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to purchase one of yet as all the places I’ve been to haven’t set up their garden centers completely yet!

This is my first balcony garden so I’m thinking if I can get this down I’ll expand my selection next time and also figure out how they grow in the containers I’ve chosen.