Life – Herb Garden

Well it’s about thyme I got into herb gardening. Puns aside I got the idea from my sister. She was away in not quite warm yet San Diego and asked me to check on her place and water her plants. She’s got probably something like 10 little pots with herbs lining her kitchen window sill.

Now the month of May in my place has been make your own food month. I’ve experimented with a whole bunch of recipes and bought more spices and herbs than ever. So after seeing my sister’s lovely and super cute herb garden I decided why not do my own!

Now contrary to the intro of this post I don’t have thyme in my garden. I’m starting small. I got 4 herbs, the ones I use the most; dill, basil, oregano, and parsley. I got these fairly cute pots from Canadian Tire and I’m just going to sit them in our living room window.

Fun note:  The dill seeds were double pouched and even the seeds smell.

My major goof was the soil. I wanted a small bag for these and I accidental got cactus soil. So as far as I can tell it’s the same as regular soil, just less peat and therefore less water holding potential. Thankfully I still have some regular soil left over from my vegetables, so I figure I’ll just mix them together for a 1/2 and 1/2 type deal. I don’t want them to hold that much water anyways since the pots I bought don’t have drainage. I’ll have to update on how this soil experiment goes.

On a side note I saw you can regrow green onion from the end of it after you chop off the green bits. So I’m going to get another pot and do that the next time I buy some.


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