Life – Balcony Gardening cont.

Things are going pretty well on the balcony. I had to bring them in the other week because we had 80km winds with rain and I thought I’d spare them from that. We face west and are higher then the surrounding building so we get blasted by the wind pretty good.

The beans which were the first to sprout and just rocketed up seem to have slowed down. I still haven’t thinned out the two that are beside each other, but that’s because I just can’t bring myself to remove it. I guess this means I’d be a terrible hunter. I also felt bad because one day there was this odd bug hanging out on a bean leaf. I went to flick it off and put a bit much into it and ended up tearing the leaf it was on – it’s the right most plant – I didn’t realize it was so delicate!

Left: Beans – Right: Lettuce

Lettuce, well I don’t even know. All the little plants are so entwined I can’t even start to thin them out. For some reason I don’t feel that bad about thinning these ones. They are still just slowly going along. More leaves have sprouted, but not much more than that. Not really sure what’s happening, but I do need to thin them.


The potatoes are still chugging along. I’ve slowly filled their pot up as they have grown. They are very sturdy and seem to be doing well.


TOMATOES! Finally Canadian Tire has their garden centre more or less set up and I was able to pick up a tomato plant along with my herb garden stuff.  It seems to be doing well and I hope it gets going on the flowers soon – we seem to be going through tomatoes pretty fast lately.



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