Read – American, this dude is psycho

Seriously though, as I was listening to this book I kept thinking to myself those words, “this guy is a psycho!” – so good job author…I guess. I have seen the movie, but don’t really remember lots about it. Maybe I was too young and didn’t care enough to pay tons of attention.

When I first got into it I was kind of bored actually. Lots of talking about things that don’t matter, but as I progressed I started to pay more attention and realize why all these things were noted by Patrick Bateman. This book is about a serial murder and Manhattan business man. You see things from his perspective and hear his thoughts. The narrator of the audiobook, Pablo Schreiber, does a fantastic job. Pablo really gives a voice to Bateman, in that it’s emotional when it needs to be and just plain creepy sometimes. He does the other voices well, even if they don’t vary very much – though maybe that’s the point. If you think about it a whole new level can be added to an audiobook like this by how the narrator presents Batemans inner monologue.

I did get bored again for the chapters totally dedicated to Bateman talking about his interpretation of various music albums. I’m sure there is some significance in there, but I zoned out so many times I couldn’t tell you what it is. On the other hand I actually gasped out loud at his first fully described killing. Who wouldn’t when an eye is involved.

Every chapter starts with kind of a short description such as: “Breakfast at __” or the more sinister, “Killing child”. Mostly through the first part of the book they are pretty normal things, but as I went through every time there was an ominous beginning to a chapter I give myself a mental second to prepare for whatever fresh horror I get to listen to. Some of those chapters are very heavy on the gory imagery and at a couple points I found it pretty hard to listen to.

As I continued through the story more and more I started to question what was real. Some is fairly obvious, like talking benches, but others not so much. I even start to question things like if he really did certain killings or if he actually has body parts all over his apartment. He seems to get away scot-free a little to easy for things to be actually happening sometimes. I also think that a lot of the people he hangs around are a little off kilter in their own way, but that might just be his interpretation of them so I can’t be sure. I don’t mean they’re insane like him, just not socially adjusted, maybe because of their status/position in society or something.


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