Watch – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I always get nervous seeing sequels to movies I really enjoyed. The first Guardians of the Galaxy exceeded my expectations by so much that I was worried about how this could possibly measure up. I’d say for the most part Vol. 2 did a good job.

It was full of the same charm as the first movie, even if I did think some of the humor was a little forced and didn’t seem to come out as organically as I would have liked. Does that make sense? I could just see many of the jokes coming and the first one caught me off guard much more. Perhaps this is just a syndrome of being a sequel and the audience knowing what to expect.

That’s really my only qualm with this movie, which was fairly insignificant. The rest is filled with everything you liked from the first movie and more. It’s full of action and many laughs – playing on your 80’s nostalgia and inner child. Now don’t go thinking this movie is good for kids, hell I cringed at one part because of how many dead people they happily massacred. Sure it was done in kind of a revenge, silly way, but it was still a little excessive. I don’t know if I’d rush to let me kid see a whole bunch of people get clearly stabbed through the chest. On the other hand I might over estimate kids cognitive ability to really be affected by those things. Have you watched old school Disney like Snow White? That thing is dark and I never noticed as a kid.

Mainly this movie focuses on Peter (Star-lord) Quill and his daddy issues. Predictably his dad isn’t everything he’s chalked up to be. SPOILER – he’s evil, well kind of, and they have to kill him to stop him. Turns out he is a celestial, which makes Peter one, but when they kill him all the power leaves Peter too – which was kind of sad. Baby Groot probably gets like half of the screen time devoted to his adorable confusion. By the way Baby Groot is apparently still voiced by Vin Diesel, which makes me happy just imagining him in a sound booth doing tiny, “I am Groot” lines over and over again.


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