I’m Amanda. I live and work as a Graphic Designer in Alberta, Canada.

I’ve decided to write this blog to catalog my experiences and because I like to write and pretend people are listening.

I spend most of my time playing games when I’m not working. They suck up a large amount of my time even though I don’t play that big of a variety. So a third of my site will be gaming related posts.

My other off work hobby that requires much of my attention is books. I love books and their stories. I hope to write my experiences here with the novels I’m reading and listening to. I may also complain and compare them to their on screen counter parts.

Last but not least, as the scale would dictate, is the section about food. Being a born again foodie and coming out of my picky stage I’m excited to try new things. I’ve found myself in a situation to cook more new things and go on adventures with my friend Sara to new places around where we live. I want to document my culinary journey of eating and making food. Things you can look forward to is my quest for the best beef dip, many posts about meat orientated food, wild game and dessert. This seems to be a calling for me for most of my childhood nicknames and my current one, Sad Salsa, seem to be food related.

Apologies in advance for any poorly written content. I’ve never been a strong writer. I just write how I think and I hope it comes across the way I wish it to.

Please enjoy my ramblings.